With decades of experience and limitless capabilities, we aim to provide our clients the best when it comes to digital asset creation. We pride ourselves in making pretty pictures for people (whether film, broadcast, print, or web) and more importantly doing it on time and under budget. From tall orders to small opportunities, we have at our disposal an arsenal of tools to create and design anything imaginable...


Our range of services is wide and offers a full spread of capabilities both analog and digital, a quick summary:

  • Digital/Traditional Filming
  • On-set Directorial Supervision
  • On-set VFX Supervision
  • Preproduction Services
  • VFX Production Services
  • Post Production Services


We are currently located in beautiful downtown San Diego, only a few blocks from the beach. Feel free to reach out to us if there's something you'd like to discuss.


Dot 3 Studios
241 14th St
San Diego, CA 92101